171. Outfit

You know that feeling when you just want to wear something glamorous, just to feel on top of the situation?
Yeah, me neither.
When I want to feel cool, I just wear something unbelievably baggy and second-hand.
You are nothing else than cool if you are brave enough to go around like that.
Oh, you want to wear that awful flower scarf that isn't even a real scarf but a cloth for sofas from IKEA?
Be my guest, I can see clearly now that you are way more daring than I am.
Oh, and the pair of trousers I am wearing here are actually my running trousers. They're so warm I even wear them at school...


  1. Sofa scarf... Man, why didn't think of that before?! This is a great idea for a warm casually cool outfit!


    1. yes it is! hope you try it out yourself :P
      thanks for stopping by x


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