116. Event

It has been a whole day after the fashion event I told you I would attend
and I've only had time right now to write to you about it.

Although I expected catwalks and things a ordinary fashion festival would contain,
it was nothing of that kind.
Opera performance of my favorite Nozze di Figaro, a fashion market, even naked man models
(oh so sexy! :D)
showing awesome T-shirt prints to the crowd!

I discovered new artist and designers that opened my eyes and most important:
introduced me to new ways of expressing your creativity
(I was getting frustrated in this field).
The whole night I was walking from the one shop to the other stall,
accompanied by the clutch, the pink denim jacket and my camera.

Want to spare you an overly long post in which you will only scroll and scroll and scroll through an enormous amount of blurry photos
(the light was awful and I didn't always want to use the flash),
so I will divide the photos I want to show you into themes and publish them piece by piece.
Let's hope I won't forget posting them awwwwlll.

A man I met at the festival who still uses an authentic camera obscura to project photos on glass. A very interesting conversation that was...
Dos Cuerdas.
That's definitelly the way I'm going to decorate the windows of my Porsche someday!
A original Triumph typewriter showed in one of the shops that were open for the public.
On the way home in the car.
Wearing: Mag-George linen shirt, unlabeled see-through glitter blouse, Missnews jeans, gifted golden bracelet, handmade green necklace and golden necklace worn entangled.
♥♥thank you for reading my blabla and enjoy your stay in Monsterland ♥♥
oxox me

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