158. Featured Blog: Lord Ashbury

From now on we'll monthly be featuring a blogger that has caught our attention and that we think is worth being introduced to you. Maybe you have already heard about him/she, maybe not. The Featured Blog post will contain a questionnaire, and you'll get to see some of the blogger's work.
This month: Lord Ashbury.

The street style blog Lord Ashbury, owned by Simbarashe Cha.
I don't even remember anymore how I found out about his blog,
but since then I can't stop admiring everything he takes photos of.
I like how Simbarashe's photos are really clean and clear (whatever I mean by that),
sometimes his photos aren't even about the clothes,
but more about the setting and what the person is doing at the moment.
Just awesome that there are still upcoming street photographers that manage to show us something new,
despite the obvious trending 'street style topic' nowadays!

Also cool: themed photos and the blog's design.

 - Where do you get inspiration for outfits from?
Fashion Week, definitely. Since it happens twice a year I'm able to keep fresh with new ideas on how to evolve my own aesthetics. 
- Streetstyle or catwalk?
Street style is definitely my bread and butter, but I actually love shooting backstage (before catwalk shows) the most. For me, it's the greatest convergence of what I love (fashion) with how I prefer to shoot (candid). 
- What kind of shoes do you prefer?
Bold colours, no logos if I can help it. They have to be very good for walking. 
- Why did you name your blog as you did?
 When I started Lord Ashbury, I had an idea that I would cover fashion, but didn't intend for it to be a street style blog. I thought I'd blog primarily about aesthetics for men, so I picked a name that sounded equally British and American (where I've lived), and also a name that sounded like something men would buy/wear/read.

- Do you keep your blog a secret from people that know you?
 My blog, no, my portfolio, yes...
- What is the piece of clothing you would never go without?
 Good shoes.
- Do you go shopping for the pure pleasure of it or with specific things in mind?
 I almost never shop for the curious pleasure. I always have at least an abstract idea of what I want or need. 
- How would other people describe your style?
NO IDEA. Different.
- Dress up for outfit posts or show what you're already wearing?
 Neither. I like to find people on the street who look like they always dress the way I found them. 

- It's your birthday and you get to choose one present from whatever designer collection you want. What present would that be?
- Are you brave enough to ask random people on the streets if you may take a picture of them?
Asking random people for a photo is much easier than you might think. Just ask, give them a compliment if there's something specific you like about them. If they say no, you'll never see them again, so everybody wins. 

All photo from Lord Ashbury.


  1. wooahhhh!!! SO COOL! loving this blog :D excited to find other blogs to follow through you in the future :D

    1. why thank you! You'll discover many more of them, promise ;)

  2. Ah thanks so much, it's much appreciated!


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