146. New Blazer & Sweater

So, last Saturday was the first time EVER I bought second hand clothes.
My parents don't allow me to buy clothes that were worn by god knows who,
so I had to do it SECRETLY.
Seeing those beauties just hang there, waiting for the next wearer to come was just too much to handle.
I've always wanted to have a real MANLY MANLY HUGE BLAZER and there it was,
being that divine mustard colour!
And that sweater, aaaah!
You can't see it very clearly from the photo, but it's three-coloured!
My heart was beating so fast, that eventually my brother bought it for me (my dear accomplice).
I wore it all day today.
Sometimes you just have to make sacrifices.
Being that lie I had to tell my Muti and Vati.

Do you buy clothes from second hand stores?


- LOVE Casuals blazer

- State of Art sweater

- unlabelled legging

- unlabelled beanie

- HUB boots


  1. Super cute!!


  2. its all i buy :) love this look!

    1. I would love to buy more. Thank you :)

  3. I love the feeling of these photos! I'm a second-hand monster, myself! It's my favourite way to find clothes!

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    1. Aww thank you! And it truly is amazing what you can find in these stores!

  4. WOW!!! i love this outfit dear!!!! :O Jamaicanooooo! :*

    1. gawd, jamaicano? really? I love you crazzzey

  5. Oh my god that was your first time buying second hand! I barely ever buy new clothes, I can't even imagine that! That sweater is rad, by the way, what a cool find :)


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