149. Liebster Award

Thank you to Roxie from GINGERFIX for the amazing surprise she gave me last Saturday!
I was asked to take part in the Liebster Award.

Liebster Award: 

This award is to help bloggers with under 200 followers 
promote themselves and get talking with other bloggers

What do you have to do?

- Each nominee must answer the 11 questions from the person who nominated them
- You must then choose 11 others who have under 200 followers to pass on the award
- Tell them about their nomination
- Choose 11 new questions for them to answer, and so on!

My Answers to Roxie's Questions:

- What's your dream designer collection? any year?
Sonia Rykiel Spring/Summer 2012 collection is still my favourite.
I want every single piece of it!!!
Plus that they all wear bows.

- If you had to be in a girl group, which would it be?
It would be, it would be....euhm, that's a difficult one.
I have just never liked girl groups, but if I had to choose, it would be The Supremes, for their beautiful clothes (hello? It was in the 60s!!!). 
That would be the only reason to join that group, Diana not being a very friendly person as I hear.

- Favourite film and why?
Don't laugh at me, okay? 
My favourite film is The Incredibles,
my whole family knows it by heart 
and I have lost track with how many times we have seen it yet. 
The story plot is still ingenious,
the jokes have not yet lost their funny-being-thing,
even the design of the spaces and clothes the characters wear are beautiful!
A superhero family? How cool is that???
I suggest you go watch it now.

- What's the last thing that really inspired you?
I saw a kid the other day, that was wearing pyjamas at school!
Oh hell, I'm going to do that one of these days.
After all, the main thing about truly fabulous style is to feel comfortable in your clothes.
Yes, and then there is the fact that I and a friend decided to do a school style column for the school paper.
We get to know some pretty awesome people,
It inspires me, not only because there are people at school that actually care about style,
but also because it is that easy to take photos of people, most of them are happy to pose!
It is then that I want to grab my camera and photo bomb EVERYTHING THAT MOVES.

- Dark lipstick or bright?
I have tried both, but I admit that I love dark ones.
I really like it when my face gets all spooky pale because of a dark red lipstick.

- If you had to do fancy dress what would you be?
Corpse Bride.

- What's that one piece of clothing you've had in your wardrobe forever, but will never get rid of?
Shoes and my grandfather's sweater.
Shoes because I get emotionally attached to them.
And my grandpa's sweater, because I would never even think about throwing it away.
It belonged to my dear grandpa, for god's sake!
(Okay, it's not one piece of clothing. I'm sorry.)

- Your style icon?
I have two: my dear friend Sophia Danaka 
and the Greek/Welsh singer Marina Diamandis from Marina and the Diamonds.
They have marked how I think and feel about style.

- Sweet or Savoury?
Savoury of course!
Oh man, I think/dream/sing etc. about savoury food all day.
Give me pizza in the morning,
sheperd's pie for lunch,
pasta for dinner
and I'm happy for ever.

- The trend you're wearing most?
Dunno if it's still a trend, but I keep wearing destroyed pairs of jeans.
Even if it's snowing.
(thick tights underneath will fix the frostbite-problem)

- What do you love most about blogging?
 Every nice comment, mention and feature makes me feel even more proud 
that I AM part of the fashion scene in some way.
You can't believe how much more self-confident and happy I am since I started this blog...
Being here,
with actual people seeing the things I make/draw and the outfits I put together,
is really special to me.

My Nominees:

- Aalo. 

My Questions:
 - Where do you get inspiration for outfits from?
- Streetstyle or catwalk?
- What kind of shoes do you prefer?
- Why did you name your blog as you did?
- Do you keep your blog a secret from people that know you?
- What is the piece of clothing you would never go without?
- Do you go shopping for the pure pleasure of it or with specific things in mind?
- How would other people describe your style?
- Dress up for outfit posts or show what you're already wearing?
- It's your birthday and you get to choose one present from whatever designer collection you want. What present would that be?
- Are you brave enough to ask random people on the streets if you may take a picture of them?

I hope you can all participate!


  1. I'm really glad for you that you could participate in this award!
    the answer you gave on the 'what do you like about blogging' is so moving and sweet!
    I really like you, you are so creative and unique!
    ps. write about your super amazing PIERCING!! :D

    1. awwww i LOVE YOUUU! Yes, I'm definitely going to write about the piercing, stay tuned ;)

  2. Hi! Thank you so much for nominating me (and giving me great questions to answer)! It really means a lot to me. Also, thank you for introducing me to your blog! I've been looking for new blogs to follow that I actually enjoy reading, and yours is definitely one of them!

    1. :') Happy that you liked answering them! Aww, thank you, that really gives me a BIG confidence-boost!


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