150. Introducing Korres

A product feature, because I think Korres is IT.
I have been using their product for years know
and I've never encountered dermatological problems or something similar
(that usually is the case with my super duper dry skin).
They don't do animal testing,
they use natural ingredients,
the product design is always beautiful and simple...
and they're a Greek company, what makes it even more important to support them!
My grandmother actually knew the family that started this business!
The world is that small in the end.

Korres has gained global recognition,
most sought-after
by celebrities, beauty insiders and all consumers in general,
with products selling in more than 30 countries over the world.

So I thought to show you my own little Korres-products collection.
Hope you'll be motivated enough to try them yourself!!

Cherry Full Colour Gloss (not for sale anymore, similar here)

Mandarin Lip Butter Stick.
Quince Lip Butter.

Raspberry Natural Purple & Fuchsia Liquid Lipstick (out of stock, here another post I did on this one). and

Abyssinia Oil Mascara (out of stock, similar here).

Green White Eyeliner Pencil (this colour is out of stock, other colours here).

Milk Proteins 3 in 1 Cleansing Emulsion.

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