159. How I Spent My Christmas Hols

I had TWO weeks of holidays and I still didn't manage to check every thing from the to-do list I made for the sole purpose of getting it all done.
Grrr, sometimes I find myself so irritating, don't you?
 Anyhow, that I succeeded in finishing the new design of this babe here
is quite a BIG thing on his own.
Do you like it?
If you have any problems with viewing photos/reading text/clicking things etc. just contact me,
most of the time I don't even know what I'm doing.
another *sigh*
But okay, to be honest, the things I REALLY DID were fabulous to me,
so I will stop complaining now.
A hell of a lot of events, museums and homework these Christmas holidays...
I visited a beautiful church, discovered a fabulous tailor and even went to the best museum exhibition so far.

What were YOUR holidays like?


  1. i like the way you write lady!!!!!!!!!!!!really nice photos also.Keep on writing!!!!! We want to read more.

    1. What a nice compliment, thank you :)

  2. Lovely pictures x



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