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I can't believe it's already two years ago since I made this traveling journal with my friend Graciela. Graciela would be returning home to Bolivia after being an exchange student at our school for six months. What better opportunity than this to let a journal travel around the world? Together we glued and cut, wrote and made collages, until my room was filled with shreds and scraps of paper. And now, with G. so far away, it is comforting to thing that a journal that we made together is traveling around the world.
Or maybe it isn't traveling.
To tell you the truth I haven't heard anything back from it in a while now. So quite possibly it got lost somewhere along the way. Perhaps it was too naive of us to think it would become something, but it somehow was ridiculously much fun to make.
If you decide to give it a go, do send me photo's of your journals here or maybe even make me part of your traveling journal's journey here!

- a notebook
- scissors
- glue
- map
- envelopes
- stickers/paper clippings/glitter/

INSTRUCTIONS: just glue everything together on the front and back cover of the notebook (please try to avoid gluing the pages together too). The map should be on the first pages so people can mark their location on it. Write a welcoming letter, put together some rules, spice it up a bit with nice doodles and stickers, make your own first entry and don't forget to put in a list of travelers too. Now you can send it to the next person, preferably someone who lives quite far away from you. Finito!

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