For Your Information

Dear readers,
I will be frank with you.
I've run out of motivation to keep this blog going.
It's become increasingly hard for me to keep myself entertained, while simultaneously running this babe. Why it has come to this I haven't got a clue. I used to love writing and posting new findings and ideas, as a few of you may know. Blogging for me was so much more important than everything else, I used to get into trouble for it.
But things have changed. Perhaps my long absence played its part too: I got used to not having a schedule hanging over my head. It is far easier to hoard interesting stuff for self-fulfilment than for a hungry crowd of monsters (you).
I will never forget how happy it made me be, writing and creating for you guys.
It's not a goodbye.
It's an apology.
I just felt the need to explain why I kept making promises I didn't live up to (that's mostly the case with me).
How difficult is it really, to keep a blog breathing and very much alive, while at the same time being a good student and friend?
I'm still working on that one.
It may take a bit more time to get back in the game again and find my lost enthousiasm for blogging, but I'll be back.
I hope you will understand and have patience with me.
Lots of love,

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