121. Party

Hey guyszzzz,
a hell of a lot of parties suddenly.
I'm not complaining or things
(there might as well be no party-whooping at all),
it's tiring.
And then you stop enjoying being with so many friends,
you start getting drunk much more easier,
the motivation just isn't there any more to celebrate the end of school
and partying becomes a chore.
And I don't want it to be like that.
I don't even want to sit here and complaint
about having too much friends and awesome things to go to at the end of the day.
Hmmm...I think I'm in search mode.
*deep philosophical mood*

Friday night I organised a parteh at my place,
many things to do before the screaming crowds (ca. 40 people)
are let in the house and garden (which are really small btw) haha.
And then, when everyone went home, I still couldn't go to bed
because of all the bottles/crisp bags/unidentifiable stuff that had to be thrown away
to save my parents of having a mini heart attack in the morning.
'Till 2 'o clock in the morning that was -.-

But I really loved it that everyone was having such a good time,
it pays off somehow!

The paper napkin I found in my room the next day: 'thank you for the great party'.


  1. This is definitely party season! I really enjoy parties, but I love my solitude, too.



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