122. Inspiration

Oh my god,
I haven't posted anything for quite a while now (almost a week!!! :O).
Sometimes I'm soooo lazy that I can't even decide to get up and take a shower
(I'll spare you the details...)
and sometimes I have sooooo MUCH TO DO that I forget that I also own a blog
and that it's my duty to post something every now and then.

I am currently working on a packet for a awesome packet exchange
Madeleine from Good Vibrations organised.
I have to send it today...omgomgomg hopefully I'll manage!

another plan for the near future:
a new EVERYTHING for this blog that is becoming BORING and DULL and UNORIGINAL
in my eyes.
I want to redesign the header, change the layout
and make it fresh and something that fits the current mood.
(and I think that I also have to reorganise my labels pfff)
Let's see...

Some inspiration.

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