123. Necklace

Heya peeps,
are you enjoying the summer as much as I am?

It's suddenly so sunnyyyyy! :D
And I keep thinking that I've got to do this and that,
I wake up in the middle of the night, worried that I forgot to do my homework again,
I automatically say no when a friend suggests to have a rendezvous,
afraid that I'll not meet the deadline for a school project
...and then I remember that I have holidays!

Everything seems so much easier now.
I spent the entire last two days working on a new design for this babe
and an ad in which I offer my services as a graphic designer.
So happy I finally managed to finish everything,
let us hope there will be people who want me to design their blog layout gheheh :3.
(in case you too need help with a new header/entire layout, don't hesitate to contact me!)

We're flying to Greece next Tuesday.
I'll be away until the beginning of august.
So I'm planning on doing as much creative brainstorming for this babe
before the time comes and having no internet becomes my daily routine.
The only thing I'm happy about with travelling to a ridiculously hot country
is that there will be sufficient light to take good photos
of the beautiful places that surround my village.

There will be enough to show you when I'm back!

A necklace I bought during a shopping spree in Amsterdam.

Happy Holidayssss :*


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