Street Style Sketching

I love drawing people.
For some reason it's way easier for me to draw people I actually see than come up with something to draw out of thin air. So I call my art "Street Style Sketching" and I'm happy. I've become rather good at sketching as quickly as possible, so I've made some progress too!
And I love buying new notebooks.
Oh my god, it's so incredibly addicting! I see a pretty one on sale and I just can't resist, resulting in another empty notebook that ends up serving as a dust catcher in my room. I can now say I not only own a shelf full of notebooks but a filled drawer as well.
But this babe turned out to be different than the others. It is just the right size to carry with you in your bag (that's already full of school thingies) and it's so amazingly portable that I have no problem drawing while I'm travelling. And the paperrr, aah! the paper is yellow and thick and soft to the touch and it just makes me want to draw for hours and hours.
So I think I did some nice advertising here.
Let's proceed to the drawings.
Don't be surprised at their bad quality, after all I did most of them while on the bus...

Do you ever sketch?

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