58. Yo Man!

 It all started with this ad of Zadig & Voltaire. It is so...yo! You know, what a motorcyclist says when he (or she in this case) takes her helmet off and just puts on her woollen hat. Yo man! 
 I simply woke up on Saturday, feeling this desire to act the same as this girl on the ad. It was extremely cold, so I could easily put on a XXL sweater too. And because I had decided to go to the Rhine and take photos (see previous post), it just seemed the clever thing to do.
 It doesn't matter if your sweater is HORRIBLE XXL, with holes and stretched ends. That's even more yo! ;)
oxox me

PS. Guess what? I got a scanner for St. Nicholas day! That's how I made the fake fur header.

Wearing: XXL sweater (BrookeR), denim shirt (Edwin Heavy-Duty Wear), tights (HEMA), low-cut boots (HUB), woollen hat (unknown).

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