Pink shoes and Olly

 Well hello there! Yes, I'm back. Unbelievable.
A lot has changed this year and a lot has remained the same. I didn't finish school after all, regardless of the effort I put into passing the finals. Sigh. So this year... school again, to finish the three remaining subjects (can't believe I failed because of only 3). Although it's really hard to see everyone go to university and I can't stop feeling left behind, I'm planning on getting the most out of my time. I actually found a part time job, yay! Blogging and running and playing tennis will keep me busy too, I hope.

Okayy, what happened during my absence?

...I cut my hair short. Really short. 

...I became addicted to wearing my running shoes. (they are so friggin' comfy)

...MvsM finally got a complete makeover! See for yourself ;)

...I started listening to Years and Years. And I became obsessed with Olly. (I mean, there are not many stylish personas like that left)

...I bought this amazzzing jumpsuit at Pull&Bear. I'm so happy with it!

I have a zillion ideas that I want to schedule and actually do on MvsM, so don't worry, I'll not be leaving any time soon! Thank you for sticking up for me through all this time, you are the best! See you next week.

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