Dear readers,
a long time has passed since the last time you heard something from me on this blog. I apologise for that. I ought to write more of the things you like to read.
 The problem is, there is hardly any time for me to blog anymore. I'm finishing secondary school this year, so final exams and the big goals I've set for myself will make it even more difficult to keep up with you guys.
 I tried and tried to make it work, for there's nothing I love more than showing you things I've experienced, made, thought, learned. I set up editorial calendars, I thought about the possibility to post one time per week. But it's undoable.
 So that's why I'll be taking a gap year. And, promise, I will be back with even more ideas and things to share. I miss you already, the joy it gave me to see that actual people read what I post is enormous!

Byebye and see you soon!


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