41. Confession: I've stolen jeans from my father...

Wearing: linen shirt (Mag-George), vest (Basic Essentials), tank top (C&A), jeans (Americanino), low-cut boots (VisionWear).

Another pair of jeans that my father decided to give to me, since he would never wear them destroyed. I find menswear an absolute must-have. Try it yourself and you will be amazed by how cool it looks and how easy it fits!
I've decided to make shorts out of the trousers from this post, as I do not own any pair of shorts at the moment and I need badly some pairs! Mostly because my style now exists out of XXL sweaters and tights, which you must preferably wear with a long tank top underneath (I have only one, what do I do when it is in the washing machine?).
oxox me

PS. The reason why you do not see me wearing an XXL sweater and tights is that it's so basic I want to puke.
PSS. Great sales at ASOS!!! Waaaah!

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