40. You Lazy Oxford University Girl...

Wearing: jacket (unknown), scarf (Zara), geometrical print sweater (James Dalgliesh), linen shirt (To Ergastiri), jogging pants (Authentic), riding boots (Jacson Wears), golden bracelet (gift from grandma).
It's Autumn and the sun is shining! How unbelievable! After hanging on the couch until 12 o'clock, I decided to pull myself together and put some proper clothes on. I really thought that it would be raining all day, so a sweater was necessary. I have to pay for my sins now, since the sweater is REALLY warm!
Yesterday my mother and I agreed to start taking the winter clothes out of the loft. It's really strange that my mother has still clothes that I've never seen, on the back of her gigantic cupboard. Such beautiful sweaters and jackets! If it was possible, I would wear them all every single day...
Have you also got a shopaholic instead of a mother? I advice you to put your hand on the back of her cupboard and just grab whatever you find there. It will not be hard for you to convince her to keep them yourself...
oxox me

PS. What's your opinion about the new image size? I thought that it would be easier to see the details of the fabric in an image with higher resolution.

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