170. Museum Het Valkhof: Nature Revisited & Pop Art Collection

Hey, it is holidays this week.
So my family and I decided to go to Nijmegen and pay a visit to the Valkhof, they had this new exhibition called Nature Revisited by Christiaan Zwanikken with a few really beautiful pieces I must say, like the drawing machine-donkey and the flying phoenix. I also saw the Pop Art collection the museum owns, the installation with the camera lenses was awesome!
Some photos I took there, hopefully you will go and see the museum yourself too!

Margriet Smulders, Tropigold Oranges 1990.

Margriet Smulders, Disfrutar 1990-1992.

Woody van Amen, Getrich Syndicate, Singapore 1977.

Jack Vanarsky, Tête inquiète transparente.

Cristiaan Paul Damsté, 6 x Oker 1965.

Benoît Hermans, Imitatio Christi 2004.

Mirjam Kuitenbrouwer, Kopstation 2008.

Ansuya Blom, Array I 1996.

Ansuya Blom, Up and down 1994.

Marjolein van den Assem, Milde Luft, Spaziergänge, dunkle Zimmer 1994.

Christiaan Zwanikken, Phoenix - Feniks 2003.

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