172. Inspiration: Fur Coat

I have seen a lot of fur lately, with a large range of wearers, from peeps attending fashion week to peeps walking on the street in my town.
Furs have that way of theirs...making the one that wears them so much more stylish and sophisticated.
You can choose a fake or real one (although I myself would go for the real thing, a vintage one is not as bad as buying a brand new one), but choose wisely. A fur is here to stay and accompany you during cold winters, suitable for ladies and gentlemen that know how classy they are.
So, if you are thinking about buying one and your age does not exceed 20 years, wait at least another ten years. It will suit you far better then, promise :)

Enjoy the eye candy and let me know what you think!

Ada Kokosar

Emma Watson for ELLE UK nov 2011

Zoe Suen

Elle Fanning for Marc Jacobs.

Jeanne Damas.

Ursina Gysi.

Yan Yan Chan.

Pierre Cardin in 1960.

Julia Sarr-Jamois by Jak&Jil.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Daria for Céline, fall 2013 campaign.

The Sartorialist.


  1. so rad :) i have a vintage fur that i wear but otherwise its faux all the way! i wore it for this high fashion shoot i did w/ a friend a while ago http://www.theyearofslowfashion.com/2012/11/high-fashion-day-one-hundred-eight.html :) xoRach

    1. i checked it out, i must say that i wouldn't mind having a similar one! thank you for stopping by :)


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