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The first thing my mother said when I came into the room, parading my new SUPERCOOL clothes, was: "Did you by that from the money we gave you to buy new running shoes?". Ahem, well...Okay.

The truth is, I was actually meant to buy running shoes (I have stopped running for a while because of the bad shoes I own that gave me a sprained knee). With 20 EUR that is. And everybody knows that you can't buy well-fitting running shoes with this amount of money (at least, not in the Netherlands). I would never say that it's awful not being able to afford luxuries. My parents always gave me everything and I wouldn't be more happy with the life I lead. But sometimes it's difficult to not be jealous if your friend spends 100 EUR in ONE shopping spree. Anyway, the shoes have yet to be bought, I think that I'll wait a bit and lay some money aside myself. Well, at least I feel proud that I made thoughtful buys ;)

The dungarees are from River Island, as is the blouse (which is XXl, just how I like it).

Happy me! :D

♥♥thank you for reading my blabla and enjoy your stay in Monsterland ♥♥
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