152. Piercing

Two weeks ago I finally got that cartilage piercing!
(I thought it was called top ear piercing, whateva)
It has stopped being red and painful when sleeping
(the first nights I hardly got any sleep *sigh*)
and I am so happy with it!
I got my earrr pierced at the L' Extrémiste shop in Arnhem.
Beside the really grumpy woman that did it,
I was quite happy with the whole thing,
it wasn't as painful as I had imagined it at all!
So now I'm content (despite angry parents),
with a pierced ear and considerable less money...


  1. aah it looks really cool! I like the two rings you have in on the bottom also. Are your ears double-pierced on both sides?

    1. Thank youuu! Yes, I had them pierced on both sides, I couldn't decide which ear had to have more earrings! :)


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