48. Fancy Frittatas

Wearing: linen shirt (Mag-George), top (Ysatis), pair of jeans (Americanino)
Maybe you have noticed that I've been wearing the same pair of jeans over and over again the past posts. Maybe you haven't. The truth is: I'm really addicted to this pair as a drug addict is addicted to cocaine. They are so comfyyyy and if it wasn't that they must be washed from time to time, I would be wearing them REALLY EVERYDAY! Funny thing is that my father doesn't share my preference. He flinches every time he looks at me and I'm sure he's embarrassed about me on the inside. He just doesn't dare to say it out loud in front of me. I've made my family clear that I'm the Alpha in this house.
And it's the Alpha that apologizes about the hairs on his top in the last photo. My guinea pig did that.
oxox me

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