71. Monstrous Inspiration

Some photos from my archive with a monstrous touch. I specifically like them for that strange edge they all have. Cartoonish faces, bright colours and beautiful (if not awkward) clothes that I dream to have in my wardrobe someday are the most important part of this post.
Let me introduce you to Bas Kosters, Mulberry, Tim Burton and Redhead Lady Vampire!
Bas Kosters, Freedom collection (ripped from an Elle Netherlands magazine)

Mulberry Fall 2012 campaign (ripped out of Elle magazine)
Tim Burton, Part of the Punks & Groupies Series, 1980-1990 (Source)
unknown photographer (Source)

♥♥thank you for reading my blabla and enjoy your stay in Monsterland ♥♥
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  1. great inspirations honey!


  2. Monstrous inspiration indeed. I love it. Their outfits are amazing, and I have a special love for the first photos, since they're in Polaroid.

    1. haha, thank yououou! and i know all about your polaroid love eff ;)


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