43. Swan Lake

Wearing: sweater (H&M), dress worn as skirt (BlendShe), tights (HEMA), high heels (SWITCH), necklace (Atrattivo), mini bag (Doca).
A few weeks ago I went to see a live performance of Swan Lake, together with a good friend of mine. It was live from Moscow, in the Bolshoi Theatre. I was so amazed by the choreography that I wanted to begin dancing right there, in front of everybody. But then I realized that that wouldn't be such a good idea, since the cinema was packed and I was wearing heels (on which I couldn't really walk!). Besides, my dancing is awful...
This outfit was put together due to the fact that I didn't actually know what was expected from me to wear. So I went for the half-chic half-everyday look. I hope none saw that the clothes were a bit cheap.
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