143. New Stuff

Last week I received these awesome stuff from my dearest grandma and godmother.
I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the gift bag.
I have tried out the eyeliner twice by now and I looove the colour!
It's that shimmering brown that reminds me of fallen leaves,
freshly mowed grass and the way my one guinea pig smells like after rain.
And it makes me missing my Greek family even more.
Γιαγια και νονα, σας αγαπω πολυ!
The magazines are of the American Elle.
Dunno, but I like the American better than the British one.
They have more actual articles,
inspiring personal style of people
and fantastic photo shoots!
I'll scan one of the photo shoots these days to show you my favourite...
We have holidays next week, so hopefully I'll find time to do more on this neglected baby.

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