144. Drawing

A scetch I made the other day.
The clothes I drew are things I want to own...badly.
Perhaps I must find something else to occupy myself during lessons.
(listen to the teacher maybe???)
But anyway....finally holidays this week.
Time to relax and recharge those batteries!
In case you have another week of school/work coming on,
what do you do to keep running?
Do you exercise or just read a funny book?
Is meeting up with friends a way for you to relax?
I am curiousssss. 

1. Once I saw this photo on...weheartit was it?
Anyways, I saw that photo and my jaws just dropped.
It's not only the comfort you would definitely have wearing these things,
it's also that cool edgy perfection.
Like, the yo-feeling mixed up with girlie glitters.
This outfit is just so me.
I love this girl, she opened my eyes to something new!

The problem now isn't the baggy sweater (it has already been worn way too much by me),
but the skirt.
Have you already noticed that maxi skirts tend to look good
only on the most skinny and tall girls among us?
And I certainly am not a skinny and tall girl.
(Are you?)

2. The idea of wearing a bustier combined with a high waisted skirt gives me goosebumps.
And why not wear a brief with braces underneath.
It would look perfect matched together.
This lady gave me the idea of the outfit.
The only problem is,
I don't have a brief with braces.

(Source: That Je Ne Sais Quoi)

3. Yellow is an awesome colour.
I think that a yellow shirt would look great with these collar tips .
And don't you agree that shirts are on their best combined with a man's pair of jeans?
I do do do.

4.  I always wanted a bright coloured coat, they're so special,
you don't have to do more than that to make yourself feel fabulous.
There's this outfit stuck in my mind,
a woollen dress underneath a bright coloured coat with a GIGANTIC golden necklace on top.
I think that this lady has managed to pull it off quite smoothly!
Oh man, I definitely need a Little Red Riding Hood.

(Source: StreetPeeper)


  1. becoming obsessed with your blog! what a clever title :) and all your drawings are fantastic! thanks for visiting my blog :D im adding you to my insane reading list on bloglovin ;) cheers! xoRach


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