142. Outfit

A hell of a week this one was...
I was handed back the results of my exams of last week.
Oh, it went terrible.
And now the whole group of the school paper has split in two,
being ANGRY at the other half and threatening to found a SECOND paper.
I think I will end up selling baboons for the rest of my LIFE.
They don't yell or curse and they even let you dress them up.
Who's fooling himself, I want to become a baboon MYSELF.
A sexy butt I would have.


- Unlabelled glitter top

- New Yorker dress (worn as skirt)

- Handmade scarf (by my lovely grandma)

- Unlabelled leggings

- Jacson Wears riding boots


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© Miriam versus Monster
Maira Gall