126. Return

Heyyy dears,
the Monster is back!
After a relaxing three weeks at the Greek seashore
I feel ready to get active once again.
Perhaps even go to school!
Idk, but school doens't seem so awful to me right now.
New friends, new books, new teachers, new things to do...

Okay, maybe I have a bit of a sunstroke.
Explains why:
  • I miss school. (burned brain cells)
  • My skin tone is bright yellow. (burned skin cells)
  • I began writing my English and Dutch book reports for next school year. (just weird)
  • My dog keeps jumping on me and farting when near me. (I found my soul mate)
  • The clothes I wore last days consist of an XXL grey sweater and a black bermuda with guinea pig hairs on it. (my good taste is abandoning me)
Anyway, due to a absolute misfortune, 
all holiday photos may take a while to be uploaded and posted on here.
Unbelievable, but my card reader can't read the size of my new flash card, 
so we had to buy a new card reader (where goes my moneyyy?). 
We're expecting it to arrive this week...
And then, I'll make a holiday collage.
Beware, oh lovely whatnut-peeps.
Until then, I'll keep you happy with other things...

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