108. Places I

Some photos I shot during my stay in Germany.
Our friends just bought a very big and very old and very filthy factory in a little village in East Germany, called Apolda. The elderly woman that lived there had to sell it, leaving most things of a lifetime behind.
It's amazing what you can find if you get the chance to look into someone else his life!

Our friends got so frustrated with the zillions of things stored in all rooms of the house (no hope of selecting the worth keeping and throwing away the rubbish), that they just let us take everything that catches our eye and they don't want.
Last year I took this, this and this stuff back home.
There will be a post about the things I found this year somewhere in the near future ;)

God, I want to live in this factory...with many rabbits, guinea pigs and shoes...

♥♥thank you for reading my blabla and enjoy your stay in Monsterland ♥♥
oxox me

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