107. DIY No2

Well, well, what have we got here? I wanted to show you a Do It Yourself that I decided to do after my belt was not usable anymore. (f*ck, I can't find the photos of that one...hmm, then maybe show you the other DIY?)
Okay, we start over.
This DIY is a wonderful way to make a birthday present for your friend without spending much money on. Plus it really looks amazing!

What you need:
- a hardcover Notebook
- 2 bottles of glue
- strass, stickers, photos, buttons, everything that you find worth gluing on your notebook!
- quotes, postcards, funny and cute photo's taken from the internet, you can even use those henna sticker tattoos to put on the pages
- lace, to glue on both sides of the hardcover

If you want to see the other DIY I've done too, click!

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