74. The Umpa-Lumpa Dance

 The final countdown: 1, 2, 3...4 days left until the Spring holidays!!!

 We Dutchmen like to have holidays the whole year long. It's actually a pretty good idea. Instead of having holidays three times, you can spread the amount of days all over the year and have short periods of school with a few holidays in between to revive a little bit :P

 With the holidays so close, you would think that you would not have to do as much homework as usually. A-ah. NOT true...:( It may be so that I didn't really have lessons today (I just passed by to chat with friends, haha), but I have to write three essays and tomorrow we have a kind of project that runs three days. You recieve a note each day!!! :O

Wearing: Promod striped blazer, knitted by Grandma scarf, vintage T-shirt, Americanino pair of jeans, no label winter socks, VisionWear low-cut boots.
 And now the BIG NEWS!!!!
 My mother and I are going to Greece for six days. Yay and hurray! I got the good grades I told you about and now will get the warmth and sun that I need as a reward ^^

Stay tuned, I will definitely blog about the things that I will take with me back home! Love you guys...

Finally...the Umpa-Lumpa Dance! I guess that I started dancing more passionate when I couldn't feel my hands any more...

♥♥thank you for reading my blabla and enjoy your stay in Monsterland ♥♥
oxox me


  1. Lovee your stripey cardigan!! And your gif made me laugh :D


    1. thank youuu! if you laughed, then there's still hope for my gif-making career ;)


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