79. Mosquitoes and Friends

Hey dears! I'm back since yesterday evening...pretty exhausted.
I expected the usual warm weather and sunshine, only to be given rain and storm "...that Greece hasn't seen for 52 years"! Greek people sure are a bit dramatic *wink*.But after the rain comes the sunshineee. And the mosquitoesss! And happy friendsss!
So I'm satisfied for the moment and enjoying school tremendously today. *cough*

Look out for: streetstyle shots, a few blog features, scans of pages from the Inspirationbook, photos I took in Greece.

My room that my dear grandma prepared for me.
The cupboard I told you about.
Forget the strange-old-ladies-lamp above my head or my bitchy expression. Wearing: Lacoste wolen vest, Puma top, HEMA longline vest, market tights, gifted golden necklace.
♥♥thank you for reading my blabla and enjoy your stay in Monsterland ♥♥
oxox me

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