66. I Want To Eat Lots Of Mangos!

The reason why I suddenly have a crave for mangos is because of the visit I paid the Mango store in Utrecht on Saturday. I had never been before! And it was great! So many beautiful clothes and so many good SALES!
Although I never buy much when I go shopping (not enough money for that, whéééh), I couldn't resist getting one of those crazy pink and fuchsia high-waisted shorts for only 14,99 €! You remember once upon a time that I was in need of shorts? In that post down there... Well, now I have two! :D

Wearing: shirt (Aggressive), shorts (Mango), tights (marketplace), riding boots (Jacson Wears), silver bracelet (gift from grandma), silver ring (gift from ma).
So today I went to school wearing my lovely new shorts and for once...
I didn't have to sit awkwardly on my bike
nor did I have to go up the stairs with clenched legs to avoid people looking up from under the stairs and seeing...interesting things.

Important advice: go and get some mango stuff from a Mango store before it is too late. The day I visited, there was a queue of twenty people in front of each of the pay desks.

♥♥thank you for reading my blabla and enjoy your stay in Monsterland ♥♥
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