65. Going Gaga In Monsterland

What is this??? This here is what I'm wearing the last days. Uhuh, you guessed well. I'm wearing a PUMA sweater. Omg, me. The girl that just isn't capable of joining any athletic activity whatsoever (although I do play tennis and cycle). I have to confess: I do not wear this sweater for any other reason than that it is comfy. And so that the lazy I doesn't have to put any other outfit together. Too much work you know!
It's a weekend, so I have to do an ENORMOUS amount of homework (that I've refused doing earlier these holidays, despite what I agreed with myself). My mother promised to take me with her to Greece in February if I receive good grades for this school period (the grades for the last one were AWFUL!!!). And for achieving that, I...have to sit at home and study. Pâh.

A trip to Greece means new clothes, 
the vintage bag that I left behind last summer (my suitcase couldn't take any more!) and belonged to my grandmother and is Italian, 
the vintage clothes that I left behind, 
maybe new shoes 
and new photos that I could take there 
and illustrations from the hundreds of magazines that my grandmother keeps like a hamster.
Plus that it would be amazing to see my friends and family there again!

Hereby also some pages from my OLD Inspirationbook. My old one is also my favourite one. Maybe because the paper was thicker and more special that the plain notebook I'm using now.

♥♥thank you for reading my blabla and enjoy your stay in Monsterland ♥♥
oxox me

PS. I will not be at home aaaaaaawl day. Going to Utrecht for shopping with my mum, heheheheh...Yay!
PSS. What do you think of the few changes I made on the blog? It was time for a little change and improvement.


  1. Are you kidding me????!!! κανόνισε να διαβασεις και να παρεις καλους βαθμους!!!!!! το καλο που σου θελω!!!!! I miss YOU!!!

    1. σι γιου ιν φεμπρουαρι ντιαρ ♥


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