64. Bad Luck Produces Wonders

My luck again. I have to do the shopping for tonight's dinner and all the household things, because suddenly my father AND little sister are ill and unable to do anything else than sitting at home, coughing and grumbling. And my dear little brother just doesn't care about helping. So...
Before I set off to be a Superwoman once again, I managed to scan this few drawings of mine. Just to keep you guys happy for a while and just so I can apologise for not posting more extensive stuff :)
Much love and a happy new year!
oxox me

PS. I had promised myself to never show my drawings to people again. I guess it has something to do with feeling that my drawings aren't good enough (I'm a terrible perfectionist you know!) and with my little brother who draws AMAZING (you could almost not tell that he's 14 years old when you look at his drawings) and makes me feel that no matter how much I try, I will never get as good as he in painting and drawing and sketching.
But my blog is something else. It's a sort of private diary and on the other hand public for the whole world to see, except for my family. I can do what I want here and whenever I want, not only to please myself but also for you. And that makes me unbelievably happy and creative...:)
Thank you Becca from That Seems Lovely for the inspiration that you gave me with your personal stories and mainly with your about page!!!

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