52. Maison Martin Margiela Love

Oversized Masculine Jacket €149,-
Oversized Jeans €59,95
You probably have heard about the collaboration between the worldwide known shopper H&M and famous brand Maison Martin Margiela. And it will for sure not be a surprise to you that another one decided to write something about the collection released a few days ago. Personally, I do not like H&M. It isn't about the clothes and the prices (you can find really good things sometimes), but everyone seems to be buying nothing else except from H&M. Where are the other places, where you can search and find something unique, that none else is wearing already at school? Where's the creativity?
But when I heard that MMM is launching a rather cheap collection for H&M, I was crying out of happiness! I love strange clothes! But sadly, the most of us can never afford them without having a great budget problem. But just my luck, I don't even have enough money to buy these beauties...Snif!

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