53. Geometrical jeopardy

Wearing: geometrical print jumper (James Dalgliesh), high-waisted skirt (Warehouse), tights (HEMA), low-cut boots (VisionWear), geometrical motif earrings (Accessorize).

Today I woke up at 07.10 a.m. wishing that the teacher of my first lesson would be: sick/accidentally thrown in a river/covered in green spots/kidnapped by aliens. Not able to teach I mean.
 But of course none heard my little plea and so I had to wake up, come out of my unnaturally warm bed, find some clothes to put on, without ending up looking silly and without having to turn the light on and find the courage to go to school by bike.
 You see, in the Netherlands you must get used to going everywhere by bike. Most people even wash their hair in the morning and cycle with wet hair in temperatures bellow zero.
 We foreingers will never understand that I suppose...
 What is your morning ritual?
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