2. Bow till you blow...

Since I became 12 I have a bow-mania. That means, I don't stop making bows, wearing them in my hair, searching on the web for inspiration, printing pages and pages with catwalk-shoots that contend bows...I never stopped loving them untill today.

It's a pity that when we moved to my new house, I forgot to take my already big collection of bows with me and so I had to start over, creating new ones. At school none really wears something like a bow wherever in his outfit ("A bow? Are you serious???"), something that I must confess bothers me on days with less self esteem. But it is a part of me now, even my hair starts to look shitty without them!
These are my handmade bows...

...and these my bought ones.

You can put it like this in your hair...(sorry for the blurry picture, it's quite difficult to make a picture while you can't see what you're doing!)

...or you can put it like this!

And this is my proudly presented box with bow material! (I get new stuff every few months.)
oxox me

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  1. As you can probably tell from my picture, I love bows! They're such a fun accessory.


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