161. Wishlist 2014

Okay, I know it's almost February already and that it is a looooong time ago after normal people stopped making wishlists for the new year.
Well, what can I say?
I guess that yet again you get to see a glimpse of the ENORMOUS HAIRY PROCRASTINATING BEAST I actually am ;)
But okay, you know, I just thought to make a wishlist anyway,
it's nice to have something to stick up to when I get into the next store
and I start screaming and waving peaces of cloth and shoe round about and killing people and son.
How very thoughtful of me.
I love myself.

(completely with photos and all!)
  1. The book The Art of Tim Burton. I want it so badly I could cry. At the thought of having a book with the majority of Tim Burton's monstrous drawings...omg.
  2. New pairs of tights. I guess I'll always have to wonder how on earth they get so much holes in such a short amount of time... But it's just so boring to have only black tights with holes. Maybe I'll get brave enough to wear something more colourful, perhaps some yellow or red will do my legs good?
  3. A pair of high heels for daily wear. Okay, it's obvious that you don't need more than five pairs of shoes, but they're so prettyyyyy, look at them!
    and here.
  4. A psychedelic printed skirt for it is obvious that you can't have enough of them. And I really don't have enough of them.
    or here.
  5. A special notebook, like the incredibly sophisticated Leuchturm 1917 series
  6. Running hoody. 
  7. Subscription to Dutch ELLE, because I enjoy it every time I buy an issue. Not only great clothes, but I find the articles well-written too and the lay-out is quite nice.
  8. A  watercolour box. I've been using my brother's for about a year now but it woould probably be easier to have one myself.
  9. A spray painted and diamante-encrusted denim jacket like the one Susie wrote about, although maybe it is easy and fun to make one myself? I have to try that one soon...

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