156. Arrrgh! Monsters in Fashion part 1

So, last Friday was special.
I had the privilege to attend a very special exhibition,
that not only is really awesome,
with fab clothes and completely unique ideas,
but also has been a milestone for this blog.
the name Miriam versus Monster was inspired by the same exhibition that currently lives in the big white rooms of the Central Museum of Utrecht, titled ARRRGH! Monsters in Fashion!
ARRRRGH! was first on show in the Benaki Museum of Athens
and once I read about it I was desperate to see it.
40 designers, including personal favourites Maison Martin Margiela and Bas Kosters, all in one show???

Bad luck struck and the show was already heading for Paris when I arrived in Greece
(don't think I only booked a flight for the show, I was already going to visit my family there).
Whateva, I forgot about it until now, two years later, the exhibition payed us a visit in the Netherlands.
Quelle suprise!
And it was beautiful!!!
All of it!
I think it even was the best one I've visited in a long time.
Even managed to take some street style photos with some most inspiring personas there.

So, if you here about it coming to your country, I absolutely recommend a visit.
Plenty of candy for your eyes
and hopefully you will then understand my obsession with monstrous stuff and join the club!

As the amount of photos I took that day are simply too much to put in one post, here's part one...

Filep Motwary & Maria Mastori, The Forest Can Hide Us 2013.
Rejina Pyo, Ma Collection 2011.

Bronwen Marshall, Give Me Back My Name 2009.
Issey Miyake & Dai Fujiwara, Teddy Bear & Monkey 2001.

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