154. Winterrr Whitteeee Snoww Colddd (Ahhh!)

Submition to the IFB Project #124
Everything has to be somebody else's when it comes to outfits.
This wonderfully big white sweater is my father's,
I was allowed to wear it only after lengthy negotiations
(thank goodness I didn't loose my nerve).
The tights were my aunt's in her childhood (I think).
I wore them only because of the OBVIOUS WHITE.
The beautiful Dior clutch is grandma's gift.
Awesome how warm a sweater the size of a tent can be.
It looks pretty stylish in my opinion.
I am like a Neanderthal turned White Queen.
(apart from the cheeky star, because...
have you EVER seen a Neanderthal ROCK STAR???)

The difference with summer whites is quite obvious I believe.
To me a winter outfit has to be wide, XXL, baggy.
I love how spacious sweaters seem to embrace you, keeping you warm
and, let's face it,
isn't it absolutely fabulous how oversized clothes just suit
everyone of us without exceptions?
Just try it and let me know what you think ;)

- Chasin' mens sweater
- Mag-George shirt
- unlabelled tights
- Dior clutch
- HUB booties


  1. Cool star! Stopping by from IFB #124 linkup.


  2. r u okay you look a lil pale


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