92. Seventeen

 My birthday was...euhm, two weeks ago. I turned seventeen and am now officially a OLD LADY. I feel so oooollllldddd, keep sayin' that, now, I'm almost an adult and my dad keeps laughin' at me every time I say that... :/

Although the REAL PARTEH is yet to come, I managed to gather some awesome gurls at my house to eat some really good greak food and have some really good fun. I think there were about 14 people?

My plans about the birthday party...hmmm. I was thinking of a night next to the river, where we will light a fire and sing songs and have a good time, with potato crisps and booooze. Around 50 guests? Heheh.

Do you have any suggestions?

Green Tea Bamboo Shower thingies!
A Vogue and a L'Officiel subscription!
A bow that is actually for my bicycle, but which I put on my bag!
A really hilarious book, written by Jessica Grant and tons of great birthday cards!

♥♥thank you for reading my blabla and enjoy your stay in Monsterland ♥♥
oxox me


  1. OMG, my present for you on your blog! I'm honoured! I didn't know! I'm sorry for my useless and odd comment, but you know me Mims :) F.

    1. aww yes i really enjoyed it you silly :* of course i will post about it on the blog! (the comment wasn't useless at all you know that) love mims


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