32. D(enim)ay



Wearing: denim shirt (Edwin Heavy-Duty Wear), dress worn as skirt (BlendShe), tights (marketplace), winterslippers (souvenir from Poland), earrings (Accessorize).
Aren't these buttons adorable?

 Today I woke up with the thought, that today we will have our pictures taken at school! Every year it's again as awfull as the previous time. The biggest problem every time is: what are you going to wear so you don't look like an idiot in the picture? I never have much hope that this time it will be a nice picture, in which I actually look good, so I just put a lot of foundation on my face and wear casual clothes. The same today...
 But then I got sick and went back home! I missed the bit with the school photographer and lived happily ever after, with no picture that reminds me of my teen years.
A pity that I couldn't show my new lipstick though...

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