33. Suitcases that aren't closed nor open

Wearing: flower-printed shirt (Atmosphere), workers jeans (stolen from my father), lamb's wool vest (Jonelle Spectrum), shopper (Zara), low-cut boots (Vision footwear).

This summer, I discovered this HUGE bag in a Zara shop in Athens. It fulfills all my needs. It is brown, my favorite color for bags. It is big enough to fit all my school books at once. And it has a clean line, simple but satisfying. What do you need more?
The green vest is a beautiful piece I found in the closet of my grandma. It's unbelievable how many clothes she keeps in there, some of them that are even brand new and unworn! I so love my grandma's style, so usually I find something that I like in there. And it isn't really difficult to take them in my possession, they will go extremely dusty and fall apart otherwise, since they only hang there and never get worn. Quite sad actually...
I have found so many clothes in my grandma's closets that I idolized, but sadly, they got really crammed into my suitcases. So bad that I couldn't close or open them any more. Some of them had to be left behind. The total suitcases weight of my whole family was about 100 kilo... a nightmare to get that in the airplane.
But luckily I could take this vest with me!
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