21. I really love the forest.

Wearing: selfmade bow, harem pants (H&M), pullover (plück paris), denim jacket (the Trader Jeans Company), riding boots (Jacson Wears), professional camera (Konica Minolta)
We went to the forest today and had a great time. The usual things, mud, rain, moistness and all the other things that distinguish the Dutch forests from the other ones, where there! I sometimes simply do not understand the Dutch people (and the Mediterranean ones of course!), why they keep complaining about the weather here. For me, it is an Marni flower dress that fits perfectly...
oxox me

Photos taken by my sister Katia...


  1. No comments ??? Well i have a comment for you young (older than me :P ) lady-sis!!!!!
    I do not see the name o f the person that took the pictures !!!!! And I am asking you : why did you not put it?!?!?!?!?!? Νah I am just kidding..... :P

    1. I'll credit you now??? love yah still :*


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