15. Chemistry offers pumps. Purple Plateau Pumps.

I'm craving for these pumps! Not only is the color purple and the shoe suéde, but the heel is 13 cm and it also has plateau! Ooooh, I want the shoes so badly!
The good thing is, my mother promised to buy them for me as a gift if I get a 6 of 10 for chemistry.
The bad thing is, I completely suck at chemistry.
oxox me

PS. You can admire them here: fancy purple shoes


  1. I really love this heels.. any Idea where to buy it? in the shop you mentioned i cant find it.

  2. Sadly these heels were from last years season of sacha. So, unless you can find them in a local sacha shop, they aren't available anymore. Maybe you can find similar ones by another shop? Good luck!


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