6. World Record Changing Clothes As Soon As Possible

So today, I ate pizza for breakfast! There were slices of pizza left over from yesterday's dinner, and because I can act like a pig sometimes, I put a BIG slice in the microwave and ate it for breakfast at 9 o'clock in the morning.

I broke my record of changing clothes as quickly as possible. First, I was planning to wear my pyjamas the whole day, but suddenly, I had to walk the dog and was forced to put on something normal instead of a XXXL shirt with a purple hippo on it and a pair of XXXS pink sorts. So I changed into the same shirt and an other pair of sorts (jeans this time) and a hoodie and white tights. But it turned out to be so hot, that I had to put on my favourite new jeans that I wore yesterday as well together with the blue tanktop (which I also wore yesterday) and a black-and-white poppies shirt. However, THEN...my rabbit Roy peed on it and I had to change again! So this is what I'm wearing now and let's hope that I'll not have to change one more time...
Wearing: lined shirt (Jerry Weber), skirt (Vera&Lucy), panty (market), bracelets (souvenir from America and Thailand), shoes (Vision footwear)
Oh, and I changed the header a bit. Now, instead of that strange Panda Pants logo, you can also see a drawing that I made especially for this reason! My father says that it is a punk panda, because of the pointy details of the panda. Well, I will leave you to judge...

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