4. Sweet Sixteen!!!

Oh yes! I'm officially sixteen now. Saturday was my birthday!

A list of my presents bellow...
-First of all, I finally got my beloved new shoes! My parents decided to buy them for me, after they came home and found me crying about a similar pair that wasn't on the Pull 'n Bear site any more (I wanted them so much!!!). They are really comfortable, suede and with a heel of 7,5 cm (that's a good height, I'm 1,72 myself and would not like to be taller than 1.80). I wore them today to school and was extremely proud.
-Then, my dear godmother that lives in the USA send me this package...with tasteful packaging that was beautiful to look at. Flowers on the outside and colourful rice-paper on the inside! The package included:
A light-catcher that I hang in front of my window.

Feathers (I think that they're real) to put in your hair.

A pin to fasten on your jacket.
 -From my dear family I got a lots of accessories.
A silver and an yellow hair clip, a flower and a bandanna.
-I think that the main theme of this birthday was flowers. I even got little cute pots to grow flowers in them!
-My mother gave me a pair of new sunglasses. It's always useful in the sun, my eyes are really sensitive to light (maybe because they are blue?). Except that in the Netherlands the sun hardly comes out...hmmm.

-A acquaintance of my parents gave me this little bottle of eau de toilette. I hardly wear eau de toilette, but I think that I'll give this one a try. My mother and friends of hers keep telling me that they wore cacharel when they were my age, so it definitely has something attractive. I love to wear old and used things!
-Another pair of earrings. This one has a interesting colour. One tone lighter than my eyes...
-And finally...rampapapaaaaam! The most fantastic present of all, given by my Greek grandmother and aunt, a new mobile phone! And not just that, but it is also a spartphone and has a touchscreen and a keypad! It is a big difference from my old phone, that one was already 1000...000 years old, an ancient Nokia. But this, this is my DREAAAAM!!! A Sony Ericsson txt pro...when I say his name out loud, I hear bells in my ears! The only shitty thing is, it has a older version of Android (2.5), so I can't download the smartphone version of Bloglovin' on my phone.

oxox me

PS. I also got a mustard yellow waist-skirt. But I was wearing it today, so it wasn't easy to make a picture...Maybe in a later post!

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