138. Outfit

To lazy to take some self timed snaps on this beautiful Saturday morning,
I'll show you an outfit that I wore back on my holidays in Greece instead.
The high-waisted skirt was my aunt's once.
And then I decided to NOT take it with me back home...
So, snaps of a skirt that I do not own any more.

And oh yes, I took these snaps in my grandma's living room!


- Grenaldi top

- Vintage maxi skirt


  1. aah i love that skirt, why'd you leave it! The fact that you took these in your grandma's living room really makes these photos interesting :)

    1. i left it thinking it would end up in a corner of my closet if i took it...silly thought it seems now :( but thank youuu!

  2. I actually love these photos themselves. Especially with the set up of your grandmas living room! Amazing. it all works really nicely together with the print of the skirt. They look so cool!

    1. Thank you dear! I really loved your photo layout by the way ;)


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